Customer Relationship Management

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As a leading Custom CRM Development Company in Delhi, we offer solutions that are expertly tailored to drive sales growth, boost operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Workflow Automation
  • Real-Time Analysis & Reports
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Custom CRM Development Company in Delhi India

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

As a CRM solution provider, we help organizations build better connectivity with individuals like customers, service users, employees, and suppliers. With CRM software solutions, companies can find new customers, nurture old customers, and provide them with additional services & assistance throughout the relationship.

Our custom CRM Development Services help companies & agencies improve their business relationships. Through customized features & tools, one can easily streamline processes and stay connected to one’s leads & customers. Such technology helps the sales and marketing team to follow and understand a customer’s interaction journey with the organization.

Custom CRM Development Services

Our CRM Development Services

As a trusted custom CRM development company in Delhi, we offer diverse and high-end CRM development solutions to every industry. Our solutions encompass user-friendly interfaces and agile functionalities to simplify customer-centric business.

Custom CRM Development

Our CRM experts work closely with your business to offer CRM software development solutions. These are tailored to address your specific customer management needs and enhance operational efficiency. Our robust features help you manage & nurture your leads, automate tasks, centralize and consolidate customer information, and optimize the sales processes.

CRM Industry-Specific Development

We are a customer relationship management company with a team of experts adept at designing and implementing industry-specific CRM solutions. This includes data storage, security, task automation, and more. Integrating features specific to their industry needs empowers businesses to manage their customers for the long term.

CRM Module Development

As a reliable custom CRM development company in India, our professionals have the expertise to develop and integrate various CRM Modules. These modules include lead generation and report, task automation and monitoring, log management performance analysis, KPI tracking, and more.

CRM Software Customization

Our team is well-versed in customizing third-party CRM software as per the needs of the organization. This boosts productivity and optimizes functionalities for overall efficiency. We incorporate customization features into our CRM software so that it aligns with business workflow and extends its functionality.

CRM Migration Services

Our CRM development team helps businesses to easily migrate and securely extract data from the system. Our team has the expertise to understand the unique requirements of each business and deliver tailored services that maximize the efficiency of the CRM software, minimizing any deployment delays.

CRM Integration

Our team offers a plethora of custom CRM development services to businesses, and integrating customer data with third-party systems is one among them. Our experts offer seamless CRM integration that expands the functionalities of your digital platform with an array of useful features like workflow analysis, reporting, task tracking, etc.

CRM Mobile Applications

Mobile CRM Applications are of the utmost requirement for businesses in today’s digital landscape. It helps more users to connect and access CRM systems from any device, enhancing the efficiency of CRM data.

CRM Maintenance & Upgrades

We offer 24/7 dedicated support for a wide array of industries and lines of products. Our technical and non-technical customer support teams provide post-launch maintenance services. Furthermore, we also offer the latest upgrades on our CRM software, both on-premise and cloud, to stay competitive.

CRM Solution Provider

CRM Software Development

Being a leading Custom CRM development company in Delhi, our team offers a wide array of high-end features to businesses. These features provide comprehensive insights into the business and help businesses to have a competitive advantage in the market.

Marketing Automation

CRM software with marketing automation features can automate repetitive marketing tasks and improve efficiency. This includes email marketing automation, campaign management, and more.

Lead Management

We are a Custom CRM Development Company offering versatile CRM Software to effectively view, analyze, and manage lead data and improve sales monitoring and funneling.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

CRM coupled with HRM features empowers organizations to manage human resources such as employees by monitoring their performances and workflows.

Authorized Data Access

With data security features, CRM stores all the necessary data on a single server with controlled access to users. The data is made accessible only to the rightly authorized users.

Client Support Automation

Our business development CRM provides pre-recorded messages as a part of its customer center automation feature. It includes sharing information and addressing customer queries.


The integration feature of CRM allows seamless communication and smooth data flow between CRM and other business systems such as ERP, HRM, and more.

Automated Workflow

CRM Software tools can boost business productivity by automating mundane and complex tasks. It increases efficiency and streamlines organizational workflow.

Project Management

As a Custom CRM development company in India, we build CRM software that monitors project specifics, including goals, work progress, risk assessment, and scope for improvement.

AI Incorporation

AI is a useful addition to CRM since it is used to automate repetitive tasks, forecast client purchasing trends, identify market demand, and more.

Smarter Solutions For Smarter Business

Convert Leads Into Loyal Customers with Our Custom CRM Development Solutions Improve Your Customer Service Now!

Customer Relationship Management Process

Step-By-Step CRM Development Process

To craft the perfect CRM application for your business, we devise a suitable customer relationship management process with the industry's best practices targeted to achieve your business goals. Following are the steps to develop best-in-class CRM development services.

01. Discovery
  • What We Do-
  • We understand your CRM needs and challenges that involve the scope for improvement, inconveniences, and time-consuming activities.
  • Identify the optimization opportunities
  • Outline the project development plan that includes setting up goals, assembling a team, outlining the workflow, and evaluating risks.
02. CRM Concept Design
  • What We Do-
  • Generate scenarios customized to different CRM user roles.
  • Develop a functional specification for the project plan.
  • Devise an integration strategy.
  • Design the CRM architecture, including the best technology & programming tools for each component.
  • Compute the project's duration and budget.
03. CRM Development
  • What We Do-
  • Execute the needed CRM functionalities, either customizing the CRM software or developing the modules from scratch.
  • Create APIs to seamlessly integrate the CRM with other businesses.
  • Thoroughly test the CRM's functionality, integration, compatibility, security, and usability.
  • Upon a successful quality check of the CRM, initiate its live launch.
04. CRM Support
  • What We Do-
  • Provide ongoing and 24*7 support to meet future technology needs and manage workflows more efficiently.
  • Upon demand, provide L1-L3 support services.

Custom CRM Solutions Built by Invoidea

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CRM Software Development Company

Innovative Tech Stacks to Build Next-Gen CRM Software

As a CRM solution provider, we offer versatile CRM software that delivers optimal efficiency and accurate workload management. This improves your customer service and boosts sales. The following lists some of the best-in-class tech stacks that are integrated into building high-performance CRM software.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Why Choose Our CRM Development Agency?

Different businesses have different needs, and a traditional CRM solution may only cater to some needs at a time. That’s why we offer custom-made CRM solutions to businesses that cater to industry-specific needs and objectives. We are a reliable custom CRM development company in Delhi, India, that offers custom-made CRM solutions with ongoing support to businesses. Our services consider factors like scalability, data management, and competitive advantage to improve end-user convenience & streamline the workflow. The following are the reasons that make us an ideal CRM software development company for businesses

Tailored Solutions
Tailored Solutions

We deliver custom CRM solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet your business requirements. Our team incorporates every feature and functionality that boosts user efficacy & experience.

Experienced Professionals
Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises CRM experts who have the experience & expertise to develop robust CRM software & handle the complex requirements of businesses.


We offer cost-effective CRM software development solutions to businesses. These Customized CRM applications and tools cater to industry-specific needs within the budget.

User-Friendly Design
User-Friendly Design

Our team creates intuitive & user-friendly interfaces that make navigation smooth & easy. Designing such interfaces leverages the use of the CRM tool more effectively.

On-going Support & Maintenance
On-going Support & Maintenance

We provide after-sale support for the CRM software, even after deployment. We ensure that it operates at peak performance & is updated at regular intervals.

Integration Capabilities
Integration Capabilities

Our CRM software is designed to smoothly integrate third-party tools & applications that best suit your business needs. We customize the software to support seamless integration capabilities.

Scalable Approach
Scalable Approach

We offer scalable CRM solutions to our clients so that they can flexibly expand functionalities when needed. Such an approach helps businesses to keep up with their growing needs.

Data Security & Privacy
Data Security & Privacy

We prioritize your data security and privacy the most, and thus, our CRM software solutions are built with robust security features to protect customers’ sensitive information.

Customer Relationship Management Company

Industry-Specific CRM Software Solutions

We are a custom CRM development company building CRM software for a wide variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, travel, and hospitality, among others. These services are tailored to fulfill the industry-specific requirements and overcome business challenges.


Ecommerce CRM

CRM software incorporates excellent tools for tracking sales and designing efficient marketing tools. This helps eCommerce platforms to proactively implement their marketing strategies and predict trends in customer behavior. Our solutions help eCommerce platforms personalize customer experience & boost sales.

Know More

Frequent Questions and Answers

1. What is CRM?

CRM is customer relationship software that automates business processes and helps sales and marketing teams manage and analyze their customers’ journeys. 

2. How can CRM improve customer service?

The customer relationship management process is a great way to boost the customer service for your business. CRM improves customer service in the following ways:

  • Track customer history
  • Automate customer service workflow
  • Manage customer feedback
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Integrate with other tools 
  • Measure and improve performance

3. What are the benefits of AI in CRM software?

AI benefits customer relationship management software in the following ways:

  • Automation of tasks
  • Predictive analysis 
  • Segmentation of leads and customers
  • Customer insights
  • Writing and Emails 

4. Can CRM software be customized?

Yes, CRM software can be customized, incorporating the tools and applications that you need in your business. This leads to a more efficient package at an affordable cost.

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