Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Next Generation Web Technologies - All You Should Know

February 20,2021

Intelligence implies human being's cognitive potentials with judgment, observation, communication, and the most important preparation. To imitate these human thinking processes as an expert, when an equivalent combination of machine intelligence paves its way and enables new systems and processes, it comes to be known as AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. It is the biggest buzzword in the market today and its goals demand learning, reasoning, and perception. These goals spin around the use of algorithms based on search and optimization, artificial neural networks, and programs that consolidate statistics, probability, and economics.

The Advent of Modern AI from Traditional AI

The idea of artificial intelligence was introduced in 1956 in a historic event where scientists and media hype made it so clear that in the next 20 years the machine will do anything it can for people. Since then, the acquisition of AI has seen many ups and downs. It has experienced several setbacks from the first breakthrough of prominent expert system SID (Synthesis of Integral Design) in 1980 to its second one named DEEP BLUE. AI has been around for 70 years now, but only in the last ten years, it has become more mainstream. The advent of modern AI triggered when the concept of data science came into being in 2008. Later in late 2012, the real breakthrough happened in Artificial Intelligence with AlexNet. By 2015, the patrons of AI pushed hard on deep learning and its possibilities. Due to tremendous growth in data, efficient cost-effective processing units and the fast-paced AI research, the new AI tricks have now overshadowed the old traditional patterns that had characterized the basis of artificial intelligence.

AI Applications

High profiles AI examples include drones & self-driving vehicles, medical diagnostics, evidence of mathematical theorems, playground games (chess or go games), search-engines (Google search), on-line assistants (Siri), photo-recognition, spam filtering, flight forecast, and online advertising foresight. In the medical field, AI is used to solve the very costly dosage dilemma and help doctors to ascertain which medicine is suitable for every patient. AI's progress has not only helped the automotive industry grow through self-driving vehicle development and application, but has also become a key component of law-related sectors, cyber-security solutions, and military applications. It's market implications with online trading and decision making have changed major theories of the economy and made trading more efficient.

AI Strategies of Google


Google is making good use of their expertise in AI and machine learning. They aim to apply the most competent currently-known techniques in every discipline of work. They made strides in a wide range of important research areas, including education and robotics, in 2019 and also worked constantly to create tools and services that support the users dramatically.

Their Cloud AI Vision API Model Card Detection feature, Activation Atlases for neural network computation, TensorFlow Security which is an open-source library for private security-guaranteed machine learning models, and a beta version of Fairness Indicators have enabled ML Practitioners to identify unfair or unwarranted effects of machine learning models.

Nevertheless, Google had released a new data set to help with research to identify deep fakes that were estimated to help many important societal issues and disaster management.

Google AI researchers shape the ML algorithm to analyze CT scans, to forecast metabolic abnormalities, to predict floods, to interact with hearing handicappers and to diagnose diseases such as cancer at its early stages. For students, Google's AI initiation comprised of Bolo App with speech recognition technology to tutor them in real-time.

Lens for Google GoGoogle Translate's camera translation, the release of Augmented Faces in API to enable real-time Augmented Reality, and Socratic App for scholars, were the starting points to have highlighted their ability to overcome major social and environmental obstacles.

Coolest AI Announcements at CES 2020


The CES is the annual meeting place for everyone who thrives on the consumer technology market. There were many smart products in CES 2020, but the AI buzz remained strong. AI is here today and is going to be more integrated into our world going forward. some of the stand out announcements at CES 2020 that showed the power of AI included:

  • Selfie Type: An initiation by Samsung, that uses the selfie camera of your phone to function essentially like an invisible keyboard by analyzing your finger motions.
  • Vital Signs Monitoring: The software analyzes the face of a person to procure medical knowledge, including saturation of oxygen, respiration rate, variation in the heart rate and mental stress. It also intends to monitor hemoglobin levels and blood pressure in the coming future.
  • Wearable Augmented Reality (AR): With specially built hardware and software packed with cameras, sensors, algorithms and more, you can adjust your real-life perception in your setting instantaneously. The latest trends include head-mounted screens, eye-head motion tracking, 360 imagery, directional sound, and apps.
  • Langogo Translator: To achieve the most accurate results, Langogo Pocket AI traslator transposes between 105 languages using 24 separate translator engines and also acts as a handheld interpreter. It has an integrated eSIM and can be used for up to five devices simultaneously as a WLAN hotspot.

Road Ahead for AI in Web Development 


AI has found a valuable ally for Web Development by making businesses more customer-friendly. There are multiple ways in which AI services can impact web development with tools like chatbots, NLP, algorithms and machine learning for information gathering and processing. AI can predict which codes are most useful in solving a problem so that developers can find a concrete solution. Speaking of e-commerce, the application of AI is already underway and is fundamentally changing the way organizations communicate with their clients, getting quicker access to information and using the expertise of workers for better use. Be it a mobile application, the website or an e-mail campaign, the AI engine monitors every device and channel continuously in order to deliver seamless customer experience over-all platforms.

Today, more and more companies in Android app development are also beginning to focus on bringing AI expertise into their present apps. The AI features that are going to make your Android App smarter include:

  • Smart Reply - makes it easier to reply to messages on devices with limited input capabilities.
  • Facial Recognition - smarter system to scan the human faces.
  • Text Recognition - identifying the text from the images and videos.
  • Image Labelling - helps the users to fetch the images based on the labels added to them.
  • ML Kit - supports both iOS and Android, and the same APIs can be utilized on both platforms.

With such a huge user base, it is unlikely for a business to compromise on utilizing the trendiest technology, artificial intelligence (AI). Today, AI is where computers were in the 1960's. Millions of people must be confident enough while using it every day if they wish to dramatically improve human productivity levels. Although it is several decades old, a vast number of companies and industries have only recently adopted it globally. In reality, Artificial Intelligence is a game changer.


Aman Koundal

Digital marketer at InvoIdea Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Aman Koundal is a digital marketing strategist at Invoidea Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading web development and SEO company in Delhi. He is a perpetual learner and also advises many start-ups and small businesses. With a deep understanding of online marketing and web development, he helps drive more traffic, boost online sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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