Snapchat Yellow Heart Emoji Meanings: A Complete Snapchat Emojis Guide 2024

January 29,2024

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, еspеcially among youngstеrs. This app lets users share fun vidеos and images that disappеar after 24 hours. One of the standout capabilities of Snapchat is its friendship emojis that appear next to your connections' names. These creative emojis are meaningful and showcase your relationship dynamics with your connections on the platform. In this blog, we will dive deep & discuss all about the Snapchat yellow heart emoji, what it signifies, and how you can get one.

What is the Snapchat Yellow Heart Emoji?

Let’s know first what does a yellow heart mean. Thе yеllow hеart еmoji on Snapchat indicatеs that you and thе othеr usеr sharе a #1 bеst friеnd status. It mеans that you sеnd thе most snaps to еach othеr out of all your Snapchat connеctions. This yellow heart appears when you and another user have snapped and chatted frequently over some time.

After understanding what does yellow heart mean, let's understand what the yellow heart Emoji signifies.

  • Snapchat's algorithm tracks how often you snap and chat with other users.
  • If you interact the most with a particular user consistently, Snapchat awards both of you the special yellow heart emoji.
  • So it signifies that you have the closest Snapchat friendship with that user, and they reciprocate the same from their end.

How to Get the Snapchat Yellow Heart Emoji?

PSnapchat will provide you with this yellow heart emoji if you frequently chat and send snaps to that one friend over 2 weeks. Exchange fun images, videos, and texts regularly with that user more than all your other connections. After two weeks of consistent snapping activity, the yellow heart should appear next to that friend's name.

Let's know can you get a yellow heart on Snapchat by chatting.

Yes, chatting on Snapchat also contributes to getting the yellow heart emoji. The algorithm does not simply count snaps but also factors in your chat/message frequency with different users. So along with sharing great snaps, do engage in text chats as well to become top friends.

Can You Get the Yellow Heart without Other Users?

Unfortunately, no. The Snapchat yellow heart is a mutual emoji that reflects between two users only. Your snapping activity is relative to all your Snapchat friends. So you cannot get the privileged yellow heart status without actively engaging with another user.

What Happens After Getting the Yellow Heart?

If you maintain your yellow heart #1 best friend status for more than two weeks, the yellow heart turns red. This red heart signifies an extended tenure of a close Snapchat relationship between two users. Further down, the red heart progresses to a pink heart after months of exclusive friendship.

Significance of Snapchat Friendship Emojis

Snapchat's emojis play an important role in deepening connections between users:

  • The emojis motivate users to interact more to reach emoji milestones.
  • They signify the relative closeness between two or more users.
  • Each emoji denotes the nature and context of any given Snapchat relationship.
  • Over time, they help nurture stronger virtual friendships on the platform.

For brands, understanding Snapchat emoji culture is crucial for social media marketing. Brands can use the emojis to gauge audience engagement levels and craft targeted campaigns.

Some Notable Snapchat Emojis

Along with the yellow heart/ gold heart Snapchat emoji, brands should also know about the other Snapchat emoji meanings.

Here are the key Snapchat emojis, and examine what each emoji represents:

  • Gold star: Gold star means In the last 24 hours, someone has replayed this person's snaps. They must have a captivating display.
  • Red Heart: For two weeks in a row, you two have been #1 BFs.
  • Pink Hearts: You two have been #1 BFs for the past two months. Dedication!
  • Green Heart: Your #1 Best Friend for the past two months
  • Fire Emoji: You are on a Snapstreak
  • 100 emoji: 100-Day Snapstreak milestone
  • Hourglass: A Snapstreak is about to end
  • Cake: A friend's birthday

These emojis denote the status of any given Snapchat friendship at a glance. Figuring them out can help brands plan better engagement initiatives.

Why Snapchat Friendship Emojis Matter

Here are some key reasons why Snapchat's emojis play an integral role:

  • They build a stronger sense of community amongst users.
  • Emojis motivate users to interact more on the platform.
  • They signify the relative closeness & importance of any virtual friendship.
  • Over time, these emojis nurture deeper user engagement on Snapchat.

For marketers, decoding these emojis gives valuable insights into their audience's behavior that adds to their social media marketing tips for your business campaigns.

Best Practices for Using Snapchat Emojis

Here are some tips brands can follow to use Snapchat friendship emojis effectively:

  • Maintain streaks with followers using fire and hourglass emojis.
  • Wish top fans having birthdays using the cake emoji.
  • Reward fans getting pink/yellow hearts with discounts or exclusive content.
  • Track engagement levels relative to emoji milestones.
  • Conduct emoji-specific contests and giveaways for better reach.


To sum it up, understanding Snapchat emojis is like adding a fun twist to your chats. Along with the Yellow Heart, which means best friends, there are many more expressions to explore. Now you can tell your stories with emojis on Snapchat easily. Have fun while chatting and sharing these cool emoji vibes in 2024.

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