How To Practice Google Analytics Demo Account?

January 15,2024
With over 20 reports and a sophisticated UI, Google Analytics can seem intimidating for beginners. How do you deeply grasp key functionalities like event tracking, audience definition, custom funnels, etc., without access to a website?

This is where the Google Analytics demo account comes in extremely handy!

In this meticulous guide, we will comprehensively cover:

  • Exactly what the demo account contains
  • Step-by-step instructions to access it
  • How to use Google Analytics demo account across 10 key learning plans
  • Next steps after exhausting the demo account

Let’s get started!

Introduction to the Google Analytics Demo Account

The Google Analytics Demo Account is an immersive gateway to explore the power and capabilities of analytics firsthand. This introductory journey acquaints you with a dynamic platform designed to showcase the prowess of data-driven insights. Let's explore through this interactive guide that unveils the possibilities and functionalities that harness the true essence of analytics in a practical, user-friendly environment.

What does it Offer?

Google provides an official demo account pre-populated with rich e-commerce data for practice. Key highlights:

  • 2 Years’ Worth of Simulated Data: Metrics span 2 years for an online Google Merchandise store.
  • Complex Navigation: Difficulty in finding relevant information quickly on your website also increases bounce rates. Menus that are simplified and reflect the user's journey are essential.
  • E-Commerce Focused: Includes product listings, price details, promo data, etc.
  • Realistic Data Modeling: Mimics common metrics across dimensions like source, geography, tech stack, etc.
  • 100% Free Access: Available for every Google account holder at zero costs

Overall, it’s a compact simulation of an actively monitored Analytics implementation.

Key Practical Benefits

The major advantages offered for learners include:

  • Learn Google Analytics front to back without needing a live website
  • Test configurations freely without impacting real visitors or revenue
  • Get exposed to e-commerce-specific reports with product/order data
  • Build broad expertise beyond basic report views to advanced workflows
  • Practice end-to-end implementation before touching client accounts

Step-by-Step Guide to Access the Demo Account

Follow these instructions on how to access Google Analytics demo account to unlock it:

Step 1: Navigate to the Analytics Homepage

While logged into your Google account, visit the Analytics homepage.

Step 2: Click on Create New Account

Locate and click the yellow “Create Account” button to add a new property.

Step 3: Head to the Try Analytics for Free Section

In the popup, navigate to the section named “Try Analytics for Free”.

Step 4: Access the Demo Account

Under it, you’ll find demo accounts listed. Click on “Access demo account”.

Step 5: Select the account

Finally, choose the “Google Merchandise Store” account and click “Get Access”.

And done! You can now start practicing Analytics within a simulated store environment.

10-Dimensional Learning Plan to Master Google Analytics Using the Demo

The Google Analytics demo account login allows exhaustive skill-building across key facets like:

1. Explore All Out-of-the-Box Reports

Spend time going through all reports under Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior to understand their structure, metrics, and purpose.

2. Craft Custom Dashboards

Create customized dashboards with specific chart types, shortcuts, and filters tailored to ecommerce analysis.

3. Implement Ecommerce Tracking

Practice adding ecommerce tags in GA or GTM preview mode to track product views, cart additions, and purchases.

4. Analyze Marketing Campaigns

Use UTMs to label traffic sources. Evaluate performance by dimensions like medium, campaign, keyword, SEO, etc.

5. Segment Audiences

Build user segments, both basic (new users) and complex (high-value, cross-device). Apply them to spot trends.

6. Configure Goals & Funnels

Set up goals to track business outcomes like lead signups, orders, etc. Visualize dropout fallout with funnel analysis.

7. Track Events & User Activity

Implement custom event tracking for actions like video plays, content downloads, button clicks, etc. Defining parameters allows richer analysis.

8. Monitor Site Speed & Errors

Craft user timings and exception triggers to monitor page load speeds and JavaScript errors across pages and browsers.

9. Export Data & Visualize Insights

Export key metric data to Excel. Plug this into Data Studio to simulate real-world analytics and reporting.

10. Troubleshoot via Debug View

Leverage the debug view to validate tags implementation, data collection, SDK issues etc. for seamless data flow.

This covers the entire Google Analytics spectrum – from fundamental concepts to specialized configurations and advanced troubleshooting!

Next Steps Post Demo Account Mastery

The Google Analytics demo account access sets you up for real-world success. You can immediately apply your sharpened skills in these ways:

Novice Level

  • Volunteer to manage analytics for a friend’s website
  • Offer website audits for local charities and non-profits

Intermediate Level

  • Take up an analytics internship at a digital marketing agency
  • Provide consultation services to small business owners

Expert Level

Armed with thorough hands-on exposure from the demo experience, the possibilities are endless – limited only by the breadth of your ambition.


The Google Analytics demo account offers immense value for developing hands-on expertise as it provides access to rich sample ecommerce data without needing a live website. By following the comprehensive self-learning plan outlined in this guide to actively practice key configurations from core reporting to advanced event tracking and audience definition in a risk-free sandbox, you can systematically transform from a beginner to an expert.

The realistic demo environment bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and implementation readiness across diverse facets of Google Analytics. You can consult Invoidea, the best digital marketing company in Delhi, to fully leverage this opportunity to level up your skills before applying them to real-world websites.


Aman Koundal

Digital marketer at InvoIdea Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Aman Koundal is a digital marketing strategist at Invoidea Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading web development and SEO company in Delhi. He is a perpetual learner and also advises many start-ups and small businesses. With a deep understanding of online marketing and web development, he helps drive more traffic, boost online sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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