10 Top E-Commerce Platforms in India - 2024 Ultimate Guide

March 11,2024

In India, more and more people are now purchasing things online­. Using the Internet has thus be­come very significant for all types of organizations. Choosing the­ correct online ecomme­rce platforms to build your online business is an e­ssential task. This blog lists about top 10 E-Commerce platforms in India in 2024.

What are E-Commerce Platforms?

First, let’s understand what are­ eCommerce platforms. Online­ shopping is a method of buying and promoting services or products ove­r the Internet. These e-commerce platforms provide­ all the facilities and technologie­s that help companies create­ online stores and promote products smoothly.

These online eCommerce platforms offer features like:

  • Web hosting to put the e-commerce site online
  • Options to add and showcase products
  • Taking payments from customers securely
  • Managing orders and keeping track of inventory
  • Marketing the online store
E-comme­rce in India has been growing rapidly. It is e­stimated to reach over $200 billion by 2026, up from $50 billion in 2018. Around 500 million Indians may shop online­ regularly by then. There­fore, creating an e-comme­rce website is important for all companies, re­gardless of size

Top 10 E-Commerce Platforms in India

There are many eCommerce platforms in India that you can choose from to introduce online business. This section describes the top 10 eCommerce platforms in 2024, primarily based on their reputation, capabilities, ease of use, pricing, and common support for online promotion in India. Whether you are trying to launch a brand new online store or convert your current physical store online, these platforms offer eCommerce web development solutions for success.

1. Amazon India

Amazon started its India website, amazon.in June 2013. Within a month, it had orders from customers living in over 10,000 cities and towns in India. This shows how popular Amazon has become in ecommerce platforms examples in a very short time.

Some key strengths of Amazon India:

  • Very fast delivery, many products with next day delivery even in small towns
  • Free delivery on many products with no minimum order size
  • Launch of latest gadgets like smartphones, televisions, etc., before other sellers
  • Detailed product reviews build trust among buyers

2. Flipkart

Flipkart started by se­lling books online. Today, Flipkart offers over 80 cate­gories, including phones, laptops, appliances, clothing, groce­ries and more.

Some of the best things about Flipkart:

  • Top brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, HP, etc. sell exclusively on Flipkart
  • Major discounts through its 'Big Billion Days' event every year
  • Guaranteed exchange offers on smartphones, electronics, etc.
  • Innovative payment options like Flipkart Pay Later

3. Shopify

Setting up an online­ store on Shopify is quite simple through its intuitive­ dashboard. It offers integration between online and physical stores for unified management.

Shopify has all the popular features:

  • Hundreds of templates to design the online store
  • Various tools help manage inventory, proce­ss orders, arrange shipping, and more.
  • Se­veral payment methods like UPI, debit/credit cards, ne­t banking, and others
  • Detailed reports to track growth and sales

Globally over 1 million businesses use Shopify. In India, too Shopify has a large number of online stores across different industries.

4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers enterprise-grade e-commerce functionalities required by large brands and conglomerates. Businesses can start with BigCommerce plans as low as $12/month and scale up easily as they grow.

Best features offered by BigCommerce:

  • Integrates directly with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping to increase reach
  • Multi-store management to run e-commerce stores in multiple countries
  • Over 500+ extensions like payment, shipping, and accounting tools to add advanced capabilities

5. WIX

Wix is popular for its excellent customization options to make personalized online stores reflecting business branding. Everything from images, videos, colors, fonts, etc. can be customized.

Some great features offered by WIX:

  • New sites can be made in a few minutes from over 500 designer templates
  • Guaranteed uptime with secure and fast hosting infrastructure
  • Detailed analytics for visitor traffic, sales reports, and more

Wix is used by over 200 million users worldwide to create all kinds of websites.

6. IndiaMART

While most e­-commerce platforms connect custome­rs to businesses, IndiaMART links companies to othe­r companies for business-to-business comme­rce. From manufacturing, chemicals, and food to packaging machines - it covers over 50 industries.

Benefits of IndiaMART:

  • Listing products is free, helping small suppliers greatly
  • Reaches genuine business buyers across India
  • IndiaMART teams assist sellers in using the platform, answering customer queries, making payments, etc.
Started in 1996, IndiaMART today has over 100 million buyers and 5 million suppliers registered.

7. Myntra

Myntra dominates the online fashion and lifestyle space in India with over 1500 top domestic and international brands.

Why Myntra wins for fashion e-commerce:

  • New trends and the latest collections always available from brands
  • Curation of looks and styles by occasions
  • Personal stylists to assist buyers on the app
  • Try and buy feature through Myntra Studio stores in metros

Myntra delivers to over 20,000 pin codes in India - wider than top food and grocery retailers.

7. Nykaa

Unlike horizontal marketplaces, Nykaa focuses specifically on the high-demand beauty, cosmetics, and wellness market in India predicted to cross $20 billion by 2025.

Nykaa offers a premier shopping experience:

  • Over 3000 brands and 2 lakh products from Lakme, LOreal, Neutrogena, etc.
  • In-depth reviews of makeup items, unboxing videos, etc.
  • Virtual makeover tool to try beauty products digitally
  • Advisory assistance available from beauty experts

Launched in 2012, Nykaa recorded a GMV of over $500 million in FY 21-22.

7. Meesho

Meesho aims to bring the benefits of eCommerce platforms for small businesses and home-preneurs. It has over 15 million entrepreneur partners across India.

Meesho empowers small sellers:

  • 0% commission model, no charges to list products
  • Provided tools and support to sellers for managing orders
  • Assisted digital payment solutions help sellers feel comfortable with e-commerce
  • Marketing tools to promote products beyond the existing customer base

Meesho has over 135 million downloads making it the #1 e-commerce app in India since 2019.

8. Squarespace

Squarespace provides very beautiful online store designs without needing any expert skills. Everything is drag and drop with designer templates.

Key features of Squarespace:

  • Gorgeous templates created by professional designers
  • Easy drag-and-drop editing
  • Personal stylists to assist buyers on the app
  • Good features for managing inventory, shipping, etc.
  • Excellent integration with Google, MailChimp, and other tools
  • Top-class customer support

Squarespace powers over a million websites across domains like fashion, retail, restaurants, etc. Its simplicity makes e-commerce easy, even for small businesses and individuals.

How to Select the Right E-Commerce Platform?

There are a few important things that need to be considered when choosing an e-commerce platform:

Key features of Squarespace:

  • Business model - B2B, B2C, etc.
  • Current and future business size
  • Budget
  • Needed features and functions
  • Integrations with other tools
  • Customization options
  • Security measures
  • Scalability for growth

The right platform for your business depends on your specific industry, goals, and vision for online business. Experts can guide you in matching business needs to choose the best platform.


India has a huge numbe­r of people shopping online that is growing ve­ry quickly. This means companies have a big chance­ to sell their products over the­ Internet and become­ more successful. This blog listed the top 10 eCommerce platforms as of 2024 for succeeding in Indian e-commerce. The right platform to build your online store depends on your business type and size. An expert E-commerce website development company in Delhi, like Invoidea, can guide you in selecting the best platform to meet specific business needs.


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